Forgot Gmail Password, Reset Gmail Account Password

Forgetting password is quite common for most of the people. Some times your Email may not respond to the password that you have entered. In such cases it will make your online works paused for a moment and may finally stop( if you can’t remember). There may be different reasons for gmail login failure. Sometimes you have to bare the loss of the company if you could not recover the google account. It is much easier to get your account back but what all you need to do is to go through the points mentioned over here.

Sometimes to  keep your Gmail secured from the hackers, you need to reset the password. People face many problems by losing their gmail password and will not be able to complete their work. Though you have tried harder to enter the correct password, you may not be able to sign in. In such cases you need to check out reset Gmail password link and then reset your password by following the procedure given below. forgot password Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can get it back with your mobile number. I am providing you the detailed information regarding Gmail password reset. If you are not able to recover your password with mobile number, follow the alternate method stated in the article. Don’t worry about the files and mails because losing a password will not affect your mails and the documents of your gmail account. It takes very less time to reset by following the steps stated here. Here I am providing three methods to recover or reset your Gmail account Password, follow the method which is preferable to you.

How to Reset Account password with Mobile Number?

Gmail password reset will be much easier if you know the mobile number that you have provided while creating the account. Make sure that the mobile is with you. When you reset your password a verification code will be sent to your mobile number. If you provide the required details, Google will be able to recover your Gmail account. Check out the steps involved in resetting your Gmail password with the mobile number.

  • Click here to open Gmail account recovery page.
  • Click on continue sign in button.
  • Enter your mobile number or mail id linked to your Gmail account.
  • Enter the First name and last name that you have assigned during sign up or else Tap on need help button.
  • Try to enter the last password that you remember.
  • A page showing Get verification code by text message or phone call at xxxxxxxxxx will be displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on any one of the option either to send message or get a call.
  • Verification code will be sent to your mobile by message or call as you prefer.
  • Enter the code and start resetting your password.
  • Enter the password which you could remember and click on next.
  • Now you are done with Gmail password reset and you can start using your Gmail account.

How to Reset Gmail account password with mail id?

If you don’t have the mobile number that you have provided, you need to check out for other alternative. The best alternative to reset your gmail account password is to use your current gmail address that you have provided during sign up. If you don’t have either of these methods, check out the next methods provided in this article.

  • Click here to open Google account recovery page.
  • Tap on need help option which is under the login box.
  • Select “I don’t know my password” and enter the mail id for which you need to reset.
  • Click on continue button which is below the mail box.
  • Enter the secondary mail id that you have provided during sign up.
  • A password reset link will be sent to the secondary mail.
  • Click on the link and you will be directed to Gmail account password research page.
  • Now enter the password which you could easily remember.
  • Now start using your Gmail account by entering primary gmail id and password. Password recovery by Answering the questionnaire:

Till now you have gone through Gmail account password recovery by using mobile number or mail id. If you don’t remember your mail id or mobile number, just follow the steps given below to reset your password. Recovering your gmail account using mail id or mobile number is easy. But it will be little bit hard to recover using questionnaire when compared to other two methods. All you need to do is, just answer the questioned asked by Google and submit them.

  • While creating your gmail account, you need to open settings of your Google account.
  • Open Password recovery form and start answering the questionnaire.
  • Enter any email address such that google could contact you if required.
  • Re-enter the mail address ad click on continue.
  • Enter the date of last entry of your gmail account.
  • Enter the details of your Google account sign up and click on continue.
  • These dates need to be exact but choosing near dates will increase the chances of faster recovery.
  • You will be asked to answer the security question if have given access to it.
  • Enter any five email address of your friends that you have frequently contacted.
  • Select all the google product that your Google account have till date.
  • Click on submit and you will be directed to reset password page.
  • Now enter new password and confirm it.
  • Start using your Gmail account and your IP address will be recorded to prevent hackers.

In the previous articles you have learned how to sign up and login. In the current article you might have clear idea regarding reset or recovery of gmail account. Although the steps to reset your gmail password are much easier, few people face problems during reset. If you are one among that person, feel free to comment your problem below. Many more articles regarding Gmail account that are yet to be presented. Bookmark this page for further assistance. Stay tuned to know more about and Google account features. Sign In, | How To Create Gmail Account © 2017 Frontier Theme